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Pier Medical Aesthetics specializes in Non-Invasive, Anti-Aging aesthetic treatments including Botox, Sculptra, Injectable Dermal Fillers, CoolSculpting, and Laser treatments including scar removal, skin resurfacing and hair removal.

Dr. Mest on Botched Post Op

Dr Mest’s extensive work on studies regarding the use of fillers in the treatment of facial lipoatrophy as well as the FDA approval process for Sculptra has made him a nationally recognized expert in treatment options for lipoatrophy. He is a consultant and national physician trainer for Galderma Aesthetics, the manufacturer of Sculptra. Dr Mest has been featured on the Discovery Health Channel #1 hit show Plastic Surgery, Before & After. He has also been featured on Good Morning LA, Channel 13 (UPN) and Channel 11 (FOX) News. Dr Mest is currently being featured on E!’s hit show Botched.

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"I love Dr. Mest and his team. Friendly, knowledgeable, and did I mention friendly? I’ve been his patient for at least five years and he truly only recommends basic essentials…no over selling. He will take his time answering all questions. Bedside manner, even in aesthetics, is important. Love these guys!"
- Margie J
"I am 1000% recommending Dr. Mest for anti-aging procedures and a positive experience. Not only are he and his staff very professional and warm/caring, the prices beat most if not all…you get a doctor not a counter-girl sticking needles in you! Did I mention that they do a great job as well? They will offer ideas based on your needs, then they completely leave you to make your own decisions. If you try this place, you will not go back to anywhere you’ve been before. I mean it!"
- Lina K
"I am so glad to say I am a patient of Dr. Mest. He and his staff are so clean, comforting and convenient and just all around awesome. My botox is perfect every time. I love the fact I am not getting SOLD to at any appointment….. I leave there completely satisfied and taken care of. I recommend HANDS DOWN Pier Medical Aesthetics…"
- Gena E
"I had a great experience having Dr. Mest inject my masseter muscle with Botox to control my TMJ. Lisa-Marie and Jen who I met at his office were also so pleasant and friendly. Dr. Mest is a very experienced injector, professional, yet personable and has a great sense of humor."
- Davis F
"Today I had my first Thermage treatment, given by Cyndee. She was amazing and for a treatment that I had never had and heard some love and hate things about, I couldn’t be happier. I am 41, hispanic/mixed. This has brought my appearance to a new level. I highly suggest you pay a visit to the office and visit Dr Mest and Cyndee!"
- Lu C